"Hi my name is Ipinoluwa (Ipi) Adedokun, I am the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of World Apparel Co. In the summer of 2016 the idea of World Apparel came to me. I simply wanted to help as many people as possible but I didn't have the man power or resources to expand my reach of service. So I came up with World Apparel an original innovative way to raise capital and fund the mission trips we take around the globe with friends, volunteers, and subscribers. The World Apparel line is only the beginning, we plan to expand our reach every year. They say the sky is the limit and I disagree, the sky is only the beginning so here at World Apparel we aim for the stars."

-Ipinoluwa Adedokun 



"My Name is Tariq Washington-Walker, I am the Chief Operating Officer/CoFounder of World Apparel Co. My calling to become a humanitarian began junior year of high school while I was interning at a nursing home. I realized that not only do I want to become a physician, but I also sincerely love helping those in need no matter what the cause is. My one other lifetime goal other than helping expand World Apparel Co to new heights is to get my medical degree and one day open up free clinics in areas that are underdeveloped and cannot access quick medical care."              

-Tariq Washington-Walker


Influencers Director

"My name is Roderick Coleman, I am the Chief Marketing Officer of World Apparel Co. I've always been one to help people in their time of need when capable. My passion is in technology, I want to eventually help bring modern technology to different places around the world that could benefit from them. We can make this a reality. World Apparel Co is a place where I am allowed to expand my mind and help better the world. Being able to give back in a fun, creative, and loving way is an experience you can't get no where else."

- Roderick Coleman



Creative Director

“My life has always been about love and giving back. That’s why I joined WA. The team and it’s message is here to help the world and I wanted to be a part of that. My work is revolved around emotion and experience. The photos I take and the music I make stems from the human experience. I hope anyone who views my work can see themselves in it and most importantly, feel themselves in it.”

-Corey Bao Nguyen